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Discover the art of calligraphy with Chanda Patel, a London-based calligrapher who specializes in creating beautiful lettering arranged into stunning pieces of art. Choose from a variety of calligraphy styles, such as copperplate, spencerian and modern calligraphy, into a unique keepsake and work of art that leaves a lasting impression.

To help you choose the perfect style for your project, Chanda Patel here are some samples below. 



The copperplate script is a romantic script that allows the writer the fluidity of adding flourishes to truly create a piece of art.


Spencerian script was created from the traditional copperplate the letters have more of an angular oval shape. This became incredibly popular in the 18th century. The clean lines provide a wonderful visual. 

UK Calligrapher and Engraver Chanda Arts Spencerian
Chanda Art Engraved Diptyque Candle London Event Artist


Modern calligraphy lends its writer the most artistic freedom there are no rules to follow so this form can be adapted and changed to create something unique.


For personalized hand engravings in London, turn to Chanda Patel. With expertise in creating customized engravings on a variety of materials including glass, stone, plastic, and metal, Chanda offers on-site etchings using a sleek and discreet micro drill. Whether you want monograms, names, messages, or art engraved on the spot at your store or event space, Chanda has got you covered.

Learn more about the engraving process below and be inspired by how unique and bespoke memorable keepsakes can be memorable for your special events.


Foiling is a fantastic way to add elegance and a touch of glam to your item. You are not limited to just gold and silver, foils come in an array of colors and finishes which is why Chanda Patel can truly let your vision come to life.

Whether you are looking at bags, key chains, belts, or notebooks adding handwritten calligraphy in any font of your choice is a fantastic way to elevate your item and wow your guests.

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