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Brand Activation . Luxary & PR Events . Weddings

London calligrapher and engraver Chanda Arts are able to curate bespoke calligraphy, luxury engravings and unique pieces. If you are looking for a special gift, a wedding suite or live brand events here are a few of the services I offer...

The elegance of pointed pen calligraphy brings your event to life. Creates an experience of bespoke personalisation. Chanda can curate a unique brand activation event giving each guest one of a kind keepsake, leaving a lasting impression.

Engraving is etching into hard surfaces such as stones, hydroflasks, glasses, wine bottles, fragrance bottles and much more, with an sophisticated and quiet micro-drill. Chanda can custom engrave detailed messages and illustrations in your store or events.

Bottle painting transforms a product into a piece of art. Chanda can create romantic and beautiful floral paintings to your fragrance, wine bottles and packaging, which can be paired with lettering or engraving. She can paint in less than 15 minutes. The paint dries within minutes and will be ready to take home.

Add a touch of elegance and luxury with hand foiling, not only does it remove the ridigity of a stencil, it allows full creative freedom.

Engraving or woodburning words, or illustrations takes your item to the next level. Rustic, unique and one of a kind, Chanda is able to create one of a kind pieces.

Looking for something bespoke? Message me below

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